Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Writer in residence

As part of our centenary celebrations of owning and looking after Blakeney Point we invited EDP journalist Steve Downes to be a 'writer in residence' for 5 days living and working as one of the wardens/rangers, based in the iconic former lifeboat house.

As well as guest blogging and tweeting about his experiences whilst he was with us (check out the early July archives), he summed it all up in this very nice article that was featured in the EDP last weekend.

Rather than repeating it here, it's definitely worth a read as Steve's writing is superb! Here are the last few sentences:

"It is impossible to do justice to Blakeney Point with words, as its beauty is beyond my descriptive skills.
But I would urge you to see it for yourself. Either check the tides and join a boat trip, or trudge along the shingle spit.
For my part, five days on the Point was transformational. It gave me an even deeper love for this county that I am blessed to call home. And it made me appreciate the natural world, perhaps for the first time.
I took with me to the Point a degree of naivety, laced with enthusiasm to learn.
I brought away a determination to look up and around me as I walk, to speak to my children about nature, and to try to spend more time away from the distractions of daily life.
Not to mention a new – grudging – respect for flies."

Thanks Steve, you totally get what drives our passion for looking after this special place for ever, for everyone and the feedback from the folks on the Point is that you were a good ranger!

Victoria Francis - Countryside Manager

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