Saturday, 25 August 2012

25th of August: Back to the Point

Over the past few days we have been monitoring a large high tide roost of waders on the beach. This roost has consisted of large numbers of Ringed Plovers, Dunlin and Oystercatchers, peaking at 300, 90 and 800 respectively. Numbers were at their highest when the spring tides were biggest. Today numbers have dropped off a little, but we did find this very special visitor amongst the Ringed Plovers...

Dotterel (Joe Cockram)

The roost was on the beach at Far Point, where our largest Little Tern colony was just a few weeks ago. With all of the tern colonies having been vacated until next year, we have been removing the fenceline which protected the colonies from human disturbance. This left us a little worried about the disturbance that may potentially be caused to the wader roost. Yesterday a boat landed and a group of people disturbed all of the waders by walking along the beach towards them. After feeding in the harbour at low tide, the birds need this time at high tide to rest before going off to feed again.

Whilst watching the Dotterel we heard and then saw two Roseate Terns performing spectacular power dives just off shore and two Black Terns also passed. Whilst watching the terns, it began to rain. Eddie cheekily huddled underneath Richard Porter's umbrella for cover. Can anybody suggest what Richard was thinking?

Common Seal pup (Joe Cockram)

There have been several Pied Flycatchers seen on the Point in the past few days. Seven were seen yesterday.
Pied Flycatcher on our washing line (Joe Cockram)

Rainbow over the wind farm (Richard Porter)

- Eddie

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