Monday, 27 August 2012

26th of August: 24 Shades of Greenish

Blakeney Point confirmed its reputation as one of the top sites in the UK to see Greenish Warbler yesterday, as one was found on Near Point at midday, the 24th record for the Point, and the 8th in as many years.

Although elusive at first, the bird soon moved to an isolated bramble bush in the dunes where it showed superbly for the rest of the day, even encouraging a few twitchers to make the long walk up. Greenish Warblers breed East of the Baltic, and migrate to India for the winter, but this young bird (aged by its fresh plumage) has clearly taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Greenish Warbler (Joe Cockram)

Earlier in the month, three  of our staff went on a course to learn how to monitor small mammals. We've borrowed a few Longworth traps and set them around the Lifeboat House to see what species we have present. Here's a very cute Wood Mouse, the large eyes betray it as being largely nocturnal, explaining why we very rarely see them.
 Wood Mouse (Bee Bueche)

The Point looking colourful at high tide (Bee Bueche)

- Joe

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