Friday, 17 May 2013

Blakeney Lifeboat House makeover!

The iconic former Lifeboat house on Blakeney Point got a make-over between October 2012 and March 2013 and here is months of work condensed into 1 minute!

The building, which provides accommodation for the Ranger team who look after the wildlife of Blakeney Point (part of Blakeney National Nature Reserve),  is also a visitor centre.

To protect it for future generations to enjoy, the building was entirely re-clad, weather-proofed, a new lookout tower fitted to replace a completely rotten one and  former features were re-instated like the ramp and big doors.

Being located in an very sensitive environment, every nut, bolt, piece of cladding etc had to be taken up a 3.5 mile shingle beach on a single track. It was quite a logistical challenge!

Throughout the duration of the project a trail camera captured the various goings-on and was made into this fab video by George, Academy Ranger, and Jemma Finch from the regional marketing team.

Can you spot George checking the camera and Property Manager John?
And how much snow?! My favourite bit is the new doors being revealed from the tarpaulin and being fitted!

The visitor centre is open every day, most readily accessed from seal trips that depart from NT Morston Quay which often land on the Point.

Countryside Manager

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