Friday, 17 May 2013

17th of May: Another case of egg dumping

Today we discovered the 32nd Oystercatcher nest of the year on the Point. We were surprised to find another scrape containing more than four eggs. This scrape, on the end of Middle Point, contained no less than six eggs - another case of egg dumping (a female laying her eggs in another bird's nest). This particular nest is on a small area of undisturbed shingle and is one of four nests within less than five square metres - much closer together than the nests near the Lifeboat House.

Six-'egger' on Middle Point

A pair of Oystercatchers outside the Lifeboat House

Today's bird sightings included a Hobby and a Short-eared Owl. The highlight of May so far was undoubtedly yesterday's female Red-breasted Flycatcher. Norfolk's first Red-breasted Flycatcher was recorded on the Point in 1890. They breed in eastern Europe and Russia and winter in Asia.

Latest low tide seal count (Thursday 16th): 108 Common and 533 Grey.

This weekend we will be positioning trail-cams near some of the wader and passerine nests, so check back soon to see what we capture.

- Ajay and Matt

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