Thursday, 7 March 2013

Update from Brancaster Activity Centre

Here at the Activity Centre we are busy setting everything up ready for our first residential schools of the season, having already had some A’Level field studies groups and a very successful Oil Painting week-end with our new tutor Merrie Curtis-Fuller.

Our Roman Activity went down a treat with our partner schools and we get to try it for the first time with the general public over Easter and with schools after that.  Also trialled was our new Discovery activity as we design activities which will get the children out of doors more on their first day and working towards the new Young Ranger Award.  This Award is being championed by our learning officer Em Chittenden who will be very happy to talk to anyone interested in what we are doing.

As part of our new Young Ranger Award activities we have dropped our old ‘Go Green’ and ‘Stay Green’ sessions which involved looking at our recycling, landfill etc; whilst very interesting and central to our sustainable ethos, these were largely indoor activities.  The centre continues to be an ‘Eco Centre’, but appreciates that most children are now familiar with the concept of recycling from home so it’s no longer news to them. 

The new discovery sessions centre around the concept of looking after special places and connect strongly to current ideas of going local and appreciating the opportunities on our doorsteps which link to sustainable living.

To keep our sustainable ethos core to our everyday work and in the forefront of staff minds we update our environmental policy yearly and staff commit to items on this. With staff in-house who have worked on the successful Energy Buster’s programme, we also aren’t allowed to forget to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our taster sessions for Easter are still open for booking – 0844 249 1895 is the box office number or people can book via our website.  Customers may also if they wish phone the activity centre for details.

We have 2 new full-time volunteers to welcome to the team, Seb  and ‘Becca so you may see them on activity with us.  

Nita, Learning Officer

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