Friday, 15 March 2013

Revealed from the scaffolding

This week has been a really interesting one for the Lifeboat house project. Most of the scaffold has been taken down and the new doors are revealed for the first time.

I know this could be in a category for a badly taken photo but it was freezing and snow was about to blow in. The posts you can see are the pilings for the ramp that is being put in as a nod back to how the former lifeboat house looked. It will be great to open the big doors for the first time to visitors in only a couple of weeks. If you are wondering the white door will be blue soon enough!

Another bit of restoration work is a repair to the toilet block roof which, like the lifeboat hosue, was also leaking.

We hosted Sophie Wyllie from the EDP this week and there was a really nice double-spread in the paper today.

If you missed it here are some much better photos indeed from Anthony Kelly

Victoria, Countryside Manager

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