Thursday, 7 June 2012

7th of June: Time and Tide... and Pigeon in the Privie

On Monday the first of a set of spring tides coincided with northerly winds and caused at least three Ringed Plover nests to be washed out as well as some Common and Little Terns. The struggles for life continue and the birds have now got to deal with rain and strong winds. However, during the few sunny spells that we have had laterly, we have seen many Oystercatcher eggs hatch and lots of Meadow Pipit fledglings.
Oystercatcher egg starting to hatch (Ajay Tegala)

A freshly hatched Oystercatcher chick (Ajay Tegala)

Meadow Pipit chicks in nest (Ajay Tegala)

Meadow Pipit fledgling (Joe Cockram)

We continue to see a trickle of last minute migrants including Yellow Wagtails, a Reed Warbler, a Blackcap, Spotted Flycatchers and a few Wheatears. Summering birds include a displaying Little Ringed Plover and this flock of Spoonbills.
Spoonbills in flight (Joe Cockram)

Ajay also found this Pigeon in the bathroom sitting next to his favorite bath toy. It has spent the last three nights roosting on his bedroom window sill. The mind boggles!
Pigeon in the privie (Joe Cockram)

- Eddie

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