Thursday, 14 June 2012

14th of June: Chicks!

The last few days has seen a mass hatching in the wader nests on Blakeney Point. It is very difficult for the wardens to keep tabs on wader chicks as they generally leave the nest within a few hours and start to feed for themselves under the watchful eye of their parents.

All that remains of a successful Redshank nest in the dunes. The young birds are escorted out onto the saltmarsh by the parents as soon as they are able to walk. 

The Ringed Plover nest outside the Lifeboat House that featured in the post Trials and Tribulations of a Ringed Plover has finally hatched, much to the relief of the wardens, as it was a few days overdue, raising fears that the eggs were infertile. Checking the nest first thing in the morning revealed the eggs to be slightly cracked and squeaking, a few hours later one chick was out, and by lunchtime, both chicks had hatched. Later that afternoon, both chicks were spotted running around and feeding on the nearby tidal mud, looking very lively considering their young age. We shall keep a close eye on them and report on their progress.

Many Oystercatchers have hatched out now, this one was trying out his legs for the first time as he took a wander out of the nest scrape this afternoon.

-Joe Cockram

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