Saturday, 5 May 2012

5th of May: Pallid Harrier

The run of interesting migrant birds on Blakeney Point continued today with the discovery of a Pallid Harrier, a rare visitor to the UK from Eastern Europe. The bird showed very well to the wardens and a few visitors who trekked up the shingle ridge to see it, before it flew off West over the harbour, last seen near Holkham.

Pallid Harrier (Joe Cockram)

The nicer weather has encouraged some more of the breeding birds to get on with it, and Oystercatchers in particular are laying eggs. There are several nests near to the point where the seal trip boats land, and these are cordoned off with blue string and are clearly visible. If you see one of these fenced areas, please don't linger by it, as the adult bird will be waiting for you to leave so that it can return and continue incubating. While the eggs are left unprotected by the parent they are also exposed to predation from gulls, so have a quick look, and then move swiftly on, thankyou.

The latest low-tide seal count recorded 391 Greys and 136 Commons.

- Joe

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