Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22nd of May: Nest News

Throughout May we have found at least one new Oystercatcher nest every day. We now have at least 35 on the point, excluding a handful that have been predated. Yesterday we found another nest very close to the landing stage, this Oystercatcher didn't seem to mind nesting amongst a load of old rubbish!

There is also a nest with five eggs in it. This is unusual, as Oystercatchers usually only lay two to four eggs.

Yesterday the first fledged Skylark chick was seen and the first Redshank chicks hatched. Plenty of the passerine nests now have chicks in, several Meadow Pipits and Linnets. The Reed Bunting chicks in this nest are now a week old:

The latest low tide seal count was 261 Common and 434 Grey, on Sunday. This is an increase in numbers for both species since the last count two weeks previously.

- Ajay

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