Tuesday, 24 October 2017

24th of October: A tale of two pups

You can read the Eastern Daily Press' article on yesterday's seal pup birth by following this link.

Around midday today, we were out on the Point putting up the protective fences and stumbled upon another surprise. Yesterday's pup was doing well... and just a few metres from it was a second, smaller pup - born earlier today.
Pup no. 2 is in the centre, camouflaged by wind-blown sand
(click on photograph to enlarge)

Until this year, the first pup has always been born between 26th October and 1st November. So, to have not one, but two pups, by the 24th October is unusual. These may be inexperienced mothers pupping for the first time, outside of the main period. The main pupping season will kick off over the coming week to ten days. Please obey the access restrictions and remember that the best way to see the pups is by the ferry trips that go from Morston Quay.

-Ajay, Ranger

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