Sunday, 3 April 2016

3rd of April: Tern cries high in the sky

This weekend has seen an increase in arriving Sandwich Terns returning from their wintering grounds in west and southern Africa. A minimum of 130 were present above and around Far Point today; their distinctive "keerick" calls audible high in the sky. It is a true joy to see and hear these most elegant of seabirds. They have been visible from the seal trips...
Sandwich Terns on the shoreline (Sabrina Fenn)

Please help protect the terns and other breeding birds by giving them plenty of space and obeying all signs; keeping away from fenced nesting areas. The best way to see the seals and terns is from the seal ferries that go daily from Morston Quay: Bean's Boat Trips and Temple's Seal Trips.

From the 1st of April to 15th of August there are the usual seasonal dog restrictions on Blakeney Point. Dogs, on leads, are welcome around the Lifeboat House and along the first kilometre of the shingle ridge from Cley, but all other areas are sanctuary areas for ground-nesting birds.

Please also note that there is no landing on the tip of Far Point at any time of the year (to protect the terns and gull colony as well as the seals).
Far Point this weekend (H. Mitchell)

We appreciate your cooperation and respect, helping us to look after the wonderful but fragile breeding bird populations on Blakeney National Nature Reserve.

This week's migrant bird sightings have included Short-eared Owl, the first Wheatears (four) and Swallow of the spring on Thursday 30th March and five Chiffchaffs on Saturday 2nd April. We will be keeping you up to date with migrant and breeding bird news across the reserve throughout the spring and summer.

- Ajay, Coastal Ranger

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