Sunday, 2 November 2014

2nd of November: The pupping begins

Yesterday morning, we were delighted to find not one but two seal pups. These are the first live pups of this winter. They were both born on the same area of beach.

Pup suckling on the beach

The best way to see these pups is on the seal ferry trips that go from Morston Quay. We are also running two seal pup events in late November - see our web-site for bookings.

This morning, a third pup had been born in the same area. Throughout the next two months, hundreds more will be born at Blakeney.

The first bull has moved into the bay between Middle and Far Point

Although no cows are present there yet, he is presumably claiming his territory early. The timing of such moves can be hard to get right. If a bull arrives too early, then he may have used up all of his fat reserves before most cows are receptive to mating, which is immediately after they have weaned their pup. However, if a bull arrives too late, the territory may already have been taken. Such instances can lead to dramatic bull fights. All the drama is yet to come.

Bird highlights this week include a Grey Phalarope and 1,500 Starlings on 28th, 120 Little Gulls and a Pomerine Skua on the 29th, a female Hen Harrier and three Black Redstarts on the 30th, Jack Snipe, a few Woodcocks and Snow Buntings...

Snow Bunting on the shingle 

Black Redstart on our washing line

Today, with half term over, we move out of the Lifeboat House for the winter. This means the toilets and visitor centre will now be open only at weekends.

We leave you with news that a Viking has been seen on Blakeney Point
This is Skippy from nearby Aylmerton Field Studies Centre. He was leading a group of schoolchildren from Bergen in Norway.

- Ajay

Photography by Sarah Johnson

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