Friday, 22 February 2013

Tree safety works

We are in the middle of undertaking tree safety works at the moment. Earlier in the month we undertook some pro-active work to the evergreen oaks outside the church at Bale and a couple of days we felled two small trees at the nearby Bullfer Grove. The trees were felled as they had been identified on a tree health survey as needing work.

This one in particular was very rotten!

It was such a Spring-like morning with woodpeckers drumming, nutchatches calling and these hazels catkins out.

I will post some more good rot photos soon from the beech trees that had to be felled near our base.

I'm off now to go up Blakeney Point to see how the lifeboat house works are progressing. There are lots of changes happening in a short time and I will update you very soon.

Victoria, Countryside Manager

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