Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Snowed under with work

The weather has been the main talking point over the past few days. It has disrupted the work on the lifeboat house, although as you can see from the image below the contractors have been doing their best in all weathers having to baton down the hatches in a howling blizzard. Their main problem has been getting staff onto the point due to the difficult travelling conditions. 

They are now stripping the old tin off the Lifeboat house and putting in insulation which they will then start to put the new tin sheeting back on, along with rebuilding the observation tower which had previously found to be rotten and beyond repair.

Some of the wildlife has been struggling in the conditions although the last known grey seal pup born on the Point this winter does not fall into this category. It has a good mum who is never far away and the perfect coat for surviving the snow. 

The English partridges mentioned in a previous blog are struggling to find food, a sure sign of this is that we were able to drive to within a few yards of one small covey which were feeding close to the track, see below. Although struggling a bit we are seeing anything up to thirty on an average visit with coveys up to sixteen and as low as three. The best recent count being forty five, which is a significant number these days!

This afternoon ITV Anglia did some filming with John, Property Manager for the Norfolk coast about the lifeboat house refurbishment works. It will be shown at 6pm tonight if the editing is completed on time. Here is a shot of the filming. 

We will post some more photos of the lifeboat house refurb shortly.

Graham, Coastal Ranger

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