Wednesday, 5 December 2012

The Ranger Team

You may have spotted that we are referring to some of the team as rangers instead of wardens. This is part of our work to help people get outdoors and closer to nature at a time when we have been caring for special places like Blakeney Point for 100 years. This protection, that was one of the reasons why the Trust was set up, is still continuing today through the ranger team and others.  

The ranger team on the Norfolk coast comprises:

Steve who looks after the Horsey windpump & Heigham Holmes grazing marshes in the Broads.

Graham, who has worked for the Trust for 22 years & looks after Blakeney National Nature Reserve NNR.

Eddie who spends 6 months living on Blakeney Point & the other half working on the wider NNR.

Keith who looks after the Brancaster Estate & Burnham area.

George who is in year 2 of an Academy Ranger programme, spending time between the Norfolk Coast & college blocks to learn theory & practical skills.

We are also supported by 3 seasonal rangers in the Spring/Summer.

All the East of England ranger team got together on Friday & lots of experience, thoughts and best practice were shared within the amazing structure of 13thC Coggeshall Grange Barn. This ideas tree captured some of them.

We are also supported by Volunteer rangers, for example Malcolm helps with the full breadth of the ranger role whilst Al is a Little Tern Ranger helping the rare terns that nest along Blakeney Point in the Spring/Summer.

We have also recently recruited Seal rangers & here they are being trained in the use of a seal stretcher.

Welcome to new rangers Jane, David, Marek, Elaine, Liz & Sally.

Victoria Francis
Countryside Manager

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