Tuesday, 24 July 2012

24th of July: Secrets of the night

For the last week we've deployed a couple of camera traps in the dunes in order to to take a peek at what roams around Blakeney Point when we're not looking. Results had been a little disappointing, with no un-expected sightings. However, whilst checking through the memory cards today we were greeted by a series of photos of a Short-eared Owl seemingly investigating the camera. These images were captured at 3am, no wonder we hadn't seen this bird around ourselves.

Many thanks to Natural England for loaning us the cameras.

The autumn passerine migration started today with 2 juvenile Willow Warblers in the garden and 2 Yellow Wagtails flying over. A few Arctic Skuas are still roaming around the beach and the harbour, stealing fish off terns as they bring them in for their chicks.
Willow Warbler (Joe Cockram)

Arctic Skua (Joe Cockram)

- Joe

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