Monday, 9 April 2018

9th of April: Common re-Tern and first nest on the Point

On Friday - 6th April - Ranger Leighton spotted the first Common Terns of the year, on Blakeney Point. They landed briefly on the beach. This is slightly earlier than usual.

Yesterday evening - 8th of April - Leighton counted 50 Sandwich Terns roosting on the end of Blakeney Point.

Mallard nest on Far Point (Ajay Tegala)

Also yesterday, I stumbled upon the first nest of the spring on Blakeney Point: a Mallard nest on Far Point, which contained nine eggs. Every year since 2013, I have found a Mallard nest in this same location. Elsewhere on the reserve, on Blakeney Freshes, we have Lapwings on nests. We wish them well and look forward to countless more nests springing up over the coming weeks.

- Ajay (Ranger)

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