Wednesday, 4 April 2018

4th of April: Signs of Spring and an Easter Otter

Spring seems to be in full swing on Blakeney Freshes today. A walk around revealed lots of birds showing breeding behavior. From a displaying Redshank to territorial Lapwings and an incubating Mallard to a pair of Marsh Harriers high above the reedbed. Shelduck are pairing up too. "Pinging" Bearded Tits are audible amongst the reeds as are the noisy squarks of Black-headed Gulls in full summer plumage. Avocets have returned for the spring, favouring an island surrounded by water topped up by the weekend's heavy rain. Over the weekend - on Easter Sunday to be precise - one of our trail cameras captured this Otter in one of the southern fields...

- Ajay Tegala, Ranger

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