Sunday, 7 December 2014

7th of December: Egyptian on the Point and record breaking pups

It's been a busy week on the Point with pup numbers breaking through the 2000 barrier, reaching a total of 2126 pups born on Blakeney Point so far this season.  This makes the Point the biggest seal colony in  England, overtaking Donna Nook in Lincolnshire who's count yesterday was 1760.  

This weekend Winterwatch were out to gather more footage for their new season starting in January.  Read more about the techniques they were using at .

Winterwatch filming the seals

Many of the cows have now left the rookery leaving behind many fat weaners (weaned pups).

3 fat weaners

These will stay in the rookery until they get so hungry that they must head to the deep blue sea to fend for themselves.  The mothers/cows will play no part in teaching the pups to feed - instinct must guide the pups.

Meanwhile the bulls are attempting to mate with cows but not all the females are receptive to their brand of romance, especially when they still have pups to suckle.  This bull below had no luck on Saturday when he was seen off by the cow.

Cow fending off bull's advances

Other bulls contentedly snooze away and bide their time.

Dreaming bull

We also had an Egyptian visitor to the Point this week in the form of a goose.  This introduced species is rare on the Point despite being resident nearby.

Egyptian Goose on beach

With the cold clear weather on Saturday we had a beautiful sunset

Blakeney Harbour at sunset

followed by what may look like the setting sun, but is in fact the rising moon.

Full moon rising

Paul and Sarah

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