Sunday, 14 December 2014

14th of December: Pup progress

Today's seal pup count stands at an amazing 2,303 pups so far this year - still an increase on the last count although the pupping rate is beginning to slow now as we'd expect.  At the moment there are approximately 20 pups per night being born and this will decrease further as the season progresses.

Pups of all ages, colours and sizes can now be seen on the reserve.


Although we've roped off the main breeding areas (as explained in previous blogs), some seals just don't obey the rules and pup outside the fenceline.  As this family who've taken up residence next to the boardwalk demonstrate, even when you're walking outside the fencelines you need to keep an eye out for seals.

In bird news wintering flocks of fifty plus snow buntings  and groups of up to thirteen shore larks have been a real joy to see though you need to be lucky as they're highly mobile along the shingle ridge.  Marsh and hen harriers continue to grace the dunes and salt marsh daily whilst merlins are also regular visitors - sometimes their presence is betrayed by a pile of plucked feathers.

 Snow buntings

Sarah and Paul

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