Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Redshank nest hatches on Blakeney Freshes

On Blakeney freshes, we have been keeping an eye on the progress of a redshank nest. We have captured typical nesting behaviour that can be seen on the three clips below.

Disappearing redshank

Adult redshank share the incubation of eggs, this one is seen returning to the nest where after shuffling the eggs it settles down to become invisible.


Upon returning to the nest the adult is seen to be restless and sitting up high, a sure sign that eggs are hatching or that chicks are present.

Chicks appear

After putting in appearances around the nest, 3 1/4 hours later three of the chicks strike out boldly away from the nest.

A normal redshank clutch is four eggs but only 3 chicks were caught on camera.

We'll keep an eye on them and keep you posted.

Chris, Seasonal Ranger

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