Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Morston Bridge 2 is complete

Excellent news…..

We inspected the works with Dunnella earlier today and the excellent news is that their efforts over the last 2 weeks mean that we are on programme and have completed the construction of our new bridge.

 Bridge 2 completed - the test piles will be shortly removed

The plan is now to allow public access to the new crossing from Friday 7th @ 3pm,  the temporary scaffolding bridge should no longer be used.  We are waiting for dates from Rise Scaffolding to confirm when the scaffolding will be removed.

We are making minor tweaks to the footpaths either side of the New Bridge, to allow them to connect with our temporary paths.  Once all works are completed we will finalise how we link these in with the original paths and public access.

 Laying the temporary path to Bridge 2

Dunnella will still have their main works access using the lower quay and access for equipment and machinery running alongside Bridge 2 and then on to Bridge 4.

They are now cracking on with laying the deck timbers to the working platform and pontoons for Bridge 4, which will allow them to commence installation of the piles for this structure and the viewing platform.

Piles have arrived today for Bridge 4 and these will be floated to the work area, using local assistance.

Materials will be moved to Bridge 4 along the footpath, using their small dumper and trailer, there may be some localised disturbance of the gravel surface to the path – this is inevitable but we are trying to reduce the impact by limiting the movements and transporting materials where ever possible on a tide with local assistance.

As mentioned originally there may be times when constructing Bridge 4, that we need to reduce access or stop it at times for public and users.  This will be the case when we carryout the Piling for Bridge 4 – it needs time to get the main piles & beams right to allow for the rest of the bridge installation to proceed quickly and efficiently.

We are now looking at the need to alter the existing timber Bridge 4,  as the far end coincides exactly where a number of piles for the viewing platform need to be installed.  The intention is therefore to alter the end of the existing bridge and swing it slightly out of the way – landing on the creek edge a little further up the creek away from the work area.  This operation will take 2 days,  and during this period we will need to provide alternative temporary access during the day across our working pontoon platform (this will be controlled by contractor and National Trust) or will need to temporarily close access.  We will let you know closer to the date when this takes place – and we will discuss further access to limit impact to local moorings and users and will look at timings to reduce inconvenience.


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