Friday, 11 April 2014

Shifting Shores

Today the National Trust released a report entitled Shifting Shores
The report examines the need for the UK to have a clear adaptation strategy for the future of the UK coastline to help us live with the changes due to extreme weather & climate change.

The tidal surge on the East Coast of England on December 5th 2013  resulted in water levels higher than the 1953 tidal surge. Thankfully no lives were lost but our coastal communities have suffered significant impact.

To plan for the future, we need to consider how we can adapt to extreme weather and rising sea levels to increase our resilience.

We strongly support collaborative working, with communities living on the coast, landowners, Government agencies and local and central Government. We all need to work together to find solutions.

 Blakeney Freshmarsh after the sea walls were compromised

In Blakeney we worked closely with the Environment Agency after the surge hit to help look for ways to evacuate saltwater off the freshes and to mitigate damage to grazing land owned by us and other landowners and the wildlife that lives there.

We are now engaged with the Environment Agency in looking at possible solutions to continue to deliver functioning habitat, amenity benefits and future landuse of Blakeney freshes.

The Shifting Shores publication (link at top of page) contains a short case-study and link to a video about Blakeney Freshes. 

Victoria Egan
Countryside Manager


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