Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Update

Blakeney Freshmarsh

Last week saw the re-opening of the National Trail route between Blakeney and Cley at Blakeney Freshes following post-tidal surge repairs. This work was undertaken in a Partnership between the Environment Agency, Natural England and Norfolk County Council (National Trail). We are really pleased that a route is open for the Easter weekend.

The Environment Agency Halcrow report appraising options for Blakeney Fresh marsh and Brancaster West Marsh is out imminently. Once we have received the information and have any updates, we will post them on here.

We continue to work with the Environment Agency to help manage freshwater water flow onto and off the site to aid flushing of salt and we are monitoring wildlife and salt levels. We have also hosted the University of East Anglia and CEFAS who are helping us to understand impacts to wildlife, plants and soils.

Blakeney Point

The rangers have moved out to Blakeney Point and are based in the Lifeboat House. This year Ajay, Paul and Sarah will be joined by volunteers and University College London researchers to look after the wildlife and share information with the visitors. A count last showed that between 4000-5000 sandwich terns have arrived back in the UK.

Morston Bridges

The temporary bridge is in place and we have laid geotextile associated with fencing to help protect the marsh. The project to replace two long wooden bridges has started and test piles for Bridge 2 which was swept away in the tidal surge has taken place and the piles ordered. Pontoons which will act as the working platform and emergency access have been brought into the creek. The temporary bridge will be in place until Bridge 2 has been completed.

 The geotextile to protect the marsh

Brancaster Beach

Work is currently being undertaken to the sea wall adjacent to the Brancaster beach road to provide a safe foot route to and from the beach, largely outside the reach of the tide ( the road impassable on a 8.1m tide or above). The work is being undertaken as a Partnership between the Environment Agency, Natural England and Norfolk County Council (National Trail).

Following repair works after the tidal surge, the beach toilets are open.

50 things fun

This Easter we are running free fun family events under our ‘50 things to do before you are 11 ¾’ offer. So far this week families have been kite flying, stone skimming, bird watching, bug hunting, crabbing & making wild art at Brancaster Beach and Blakeney. More activities are taking place next week. Please book on 0844 249 1895.

Have fun & stay safe at Easter

We wish everyone visiting the coast a happy Easter and please do remember that whilst beautiful areas, tides can be dangerous. Please do read signage at entrances to beaches and near Pay and Display machines and follow the advice of the RNLI & beach safety.

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