Tuesday, 18 February 2014

National Nest Box Week

This week is National Nest Box Week. Organised by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO), the idea is to encourage people to put up nest boxes in their local area to help increase the number of suitable nesting spaces for birds.

To get involved, myself and Ajay visited Langham Village School, where we gave a group of children from class 3 the chance to build their own nest box and put them up in the school grounds.

We started with a quick walk around the school field, to see what birds we could find. The results….. 1 robin! However blue tits and blackbirds were also heard. Back in the resource room, we explained why we put nest boxes up for birds, the different types of boxes and the species of bird that uses them.

Each pupil was handed a stack of wood which was already cut to size, a handful of screws and a screwdriver. They then got to work constructing their boxes.

Once complete, the children personalised their new nest boxes. Some simply wrote their names on them. Others decided to give their boxes names like ‘Hotel a la wing wing’.

We then found suitable places around the school field to place the nest boxes. The children will now be able to keep an eye on the boxes during the next few months to see if they attract some new residents.

- George (Ranger)

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