Wednesday, 12 February 2014

De-silting helps Blakeney Freshes & there's positive signs for wildlife

Today has seen the start to the de-silting of the ditch that feeds freshwater from the River Glaven into the Blakeney Freshes system.  We are really pleased that this work which is being undertaken by the Environment Agency is taking place as we consider it a key short-term measure to aid the flushing process to reduce salinity levels.

Recently we shared some exciting footage of a kingfisher feeding on the Freshes which is a great sign of the resilience of nature. Today we can bring you a water rail. This is particularly exciting as the ranger team have found 15 dead ones between Stiffkey and Cley that were victims of the tidal surge.

Tomorrow is the public drop-in session at Blakeney where you can feed in your thoughts to the Environment Agency. John Sizer, General Manager, and myself will be on hand so please do let us know your thoughts.  More details about the event are at:

Victoria Egan, Countryside Manager

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