Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A Resident Otter!

In 2012, Brancaster Millenium Activity Centre hosted their first family working holiday. The group helped out with various tasks around the property, one of which was to build and install an otter holt in an area where otters were occasionally seen in the past.

Once the holt was built and secured in place by the side of the river, we placed one of our trail cameras close to one of the entrance tunnels to see if otters, or any wildlife at all, were checking it out.

Initially, the camera picked up small garden birds, a stoat and some strange lights (probably water on the lens) but after almost a year, the camera managed to pick up what we were hoping for...

At the moment, it doesn't look like the otter is using it's new des res but it has obviously checked it out, so who knows what the future holds? Watch this space!

A big thank you to the family groups who helped with the construction of the otter holt!

George (Academy Ranger)

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  1. Excellent news! The way it looks at the camera - can it spot some infra red? jh