Monday, 9 July 2012

9th of July: Larks Ascending, Swallows Descending

While tidying up around the Lifeboat House this morning we noticed that part of a Swallow nest under the eaves had collapsed, leaving two rather shaken little chicks on the ground. They were still  a good few days away from fledging, so with the aid of a ladder they were returned to the ledge the nest was built on. The ledge is quite narrow but hopefully the birds will manage to cling on, anyway, they'll stand a better chance up there than down on the wet concrete. 

Mum appeared somewhat bored by the whole episode.

Yesterday we discovered a Short-toed Lark feeding on the shingle at Beach Way. Although there are already 14 records from Blakeney Point, this vagrant from Southern Europe was most un-expected at a time of year when little migration is taking place.

Finally, does anyone have any guesses as to what is going on here?

-Joe Cockram

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  1. How lucky the swallow chicks were to have you all on hand to help their situation.
    As for the sea weed, i'd google how best to cook it. Needless to say the amount pegged up may not go far between four hungry wardens/rangers!