Friday, 13 July 2012

12th of July: Countryfile

Yesterday the BBC Countryfile team came to Blakeney for a day's filming for their summer special episode. They began by filming the point from the top of Blakeney church and then headed to Morston Quay with the National Trust team. Here is a sneak preview, the episode will be aired on Monday the 27th of August at 6pm.

Victoria was interviewed by John Craven on a Temple's ferry. They had great views of seals and terns. The large numbers of seals and terns are a big draw for media, and the Trust is approached on several occasions each year. The challenge is to communicate conservation messages whilst providing entertainment and enjoyment. The main points that we try to convey are the international importance of the Sandwich Tern colony and the sensitivity of the reserve. This time we also had the opportunity to highlight our centenery.

Iain looked good behind the camera as well as in front of it.

  After lunch John interviewed the wardens about what attracts us to our jobs.
 Back at Morston Quay, Iain was filmed.

Photos: Graham Lubbock, Victoria Francis and John Sizer.

The weather was ideal for filming. The sun was shining and a slight south-westerly wind dropped in the afternoon. This gave the wardens the perfect opportunity to monitor the terneries for chicks in the evening. Two broods of Ringed Plovers were seen in the main Little Tern colony as well as five Oystercatcher chicks of varying ages and ten Little Tern chicks. Also, the Short-toed Lark first seen on Sunday was seen again on Beach Way.
Little Tern chick (Ajay Tegala)

- Eddie and Ajay


  1. Not bad. But I preferred the guest blogger last week. He was so knowledgeable, witty and handsome.

  2. Stuart Warrington18 July 2012 at 10:44

    Brilliant - well done to all - looking forward to seeing it broadcast on the 12th Aug. How did the Little terns fare this "summer"? Orford Ness marshes are awash again after Saturday's monsoon, but the spoonbills were happy.