Wednesday, 8 August 2018

7th of August: Goodbye from Ajay

This is my last week as a ranger in the Norfolk Coast team. I have lots of happy memories from my various roles at Blakeney over the last nine years and am grateful for the opportunities I have had and the wonderful people I have worked with.

I started as a full-time volunteer assistant warden in summer 2009 and went on to secure a seasonal role at Morston Information Centre in spring 2010. I was delighted to become a seasonal ranger on Blakeney Point in 2012 (that's when we started this blog) and to then become Blakeney Point Ranger in 2013.

I am proud of how our team of volunteers has grown over the last five years and I have enjoyed working with so many dedicated volunteers. The tern and seal breeding seasons are absolutely fascinating and it has been a privilege to protect and monitor these very special species. Over the last 15 months, it has been a pleasure to broaden my experiences on Blakeney Freshes. I am leaving to take up a ranger position at the National Trust’s Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve.

Here are just a few of my special Blakeney memories:
  - Witnessing an autumn "fall" of thousands of thrushes
  - Counting a record 4,120 Sandwich Tern nests in 2013
  - Counting hundreds of seal pups in the winter months
  - Seeing my first Bittern, after hours of trying 
  - Taking school groups through the harbour at low tide
  - Spending time in boats in Blakeney Harbour
  - Working with dedicated and inspirational volunteers, colleagues and locals
  - Setting up this blog and sharing wildlife news

I wish the Norfolk coast, its wildlife and people all the very best for the future.
 - Ajay

Here are some photograph memories from the last nine years... 

Morston Information Centre, 2010 (my 21st birthday)

Sandwich Terns on Far Point, 2012

The vibrant Sandwich Tern colony, 2012

An adorable Little Tern chick

One of the thousands of Grey Seal pups I've counted

The 2012 Blakeney team - centenary celebration

The one and only Graham Lubbock!

The 2014-15 Blakeney Point team: Paul, Sarah and I

Coping with 3 months without running water on the Point!

Eddie, B, Carl and I, 2018: Blakeney past and present

Looking to the future...

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