Friday, 19 January 2018

19th of January: Oh buoy

Following the dispersal of most of the Grey Seals on Blakeney Point, this week we were finally able to help Blakeney Harbour Association retrieve the navigation buoy that washed up towards the end of last year during stormy weather.

One of the few remaining weaned seal pups

Buoy on the beach

Weighing 1.5 tonnes, this was no mean feat. The front loader on the National Trust tractor did the lifting and we were able to return it to Morston in our largest trailer.

Securing the buoy in the trailer

Trinity House will return the buoy to its location at the entrance to Blakeney Harbour from the North Sea (and strengthen its mooring), where it directs vessels around the Hjodis wreck. The sands have moved dramatically around the wreck over the past two years.

Photos by Ajay Tegala

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