Tuesday, 14 November 2017

14th of November: 700 pups and a Heinkel

Today's seal count recorded 722 Grey Seal pups, particularly high for mid-November. Over the last week, the beach has got a lot busier, with 1193 adult Grey Seals (plus 7 Common Seals) alongside the pups.

  Bulls   Cows   Pups
Zone 1
151 396 376
Zone 2
89 200 176
Zone 3
147 167 147
Zone 4
16 28 23
403 791 722

Dreaming of fish! (Ajay Tegala) 

Newborn pup (Ajay Tegala) 

Snoozing pup (Ajay Tegala) 

Young pup (Ajay Tegala)

Over the last couple of days, a number of pups have been born in the flat area near our mobile hide, allowing walkers decent views...

The best way to see the pups, however, is definitely on a boat trip that go to the end of the Point where there are now several obliging pups. 

As a consequence of tidal erosion to the foreshore near the Long Hills, the remains of an old military aircraft have been unearthed from under the shingle...

We strongly suspect that it is part of the Heinkel that crash landed on the Point in 1940...

- Ajay (Ranger)

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