Thursday, 10 December 2015

10th of December: Seals slowing down

Today's seal pup count revealed that 130 pups have been born in the last three days. This compared to 222 in the three days before that, showing that pupping is slowing down. However, this still gives a total of 2,155 pups so far this season, with a few more to come over the next four weeks.

Weaned pup (Peter King - NT seal volunteer)

There are now more weaned pups than pre-weaned, meaning there are far less cows on site. Some of these weaned pups are on the move and can be found further away from the core breeding site. Please be aware that there are pups further along the Point now, but they are fine. After three weeks of suckling, they are left to their own devices and eventually head to sea and instinctively learn to catch fish.

Naughty pup! (Helena Dye - NT seal volunteer)

Bulls fighting over territory

This week, we witnessed two pups suckling from the same cow. We have observed this previously in both 2012 and 2014. At large and crowded Grey Seal rookeries - such as the Orkneys - two pups have frequently been seen suckling from the same cow, both together and after the other. A cow with plenty of milk may tolerate the suckling of one or more 'alien' pups, which are hungry enough to approach her. This appears to be what was happening here:

- Ajay (Coastal Ranger)

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  1. Its a wonderfull site to see the seals,we go there every year.Id like to thank all those who give up their time, looking out for them, and keeping them safe.PLease dont let them spoil the place with visiter centres and the like. Its a truly wild place,let it stay that way.