Sunday, 26 October 2014

26th of October: Still waiting for the pupping to begin

Grey Seal numbers have dropped to just 141, as revealed by this week's low tide count. This is because they are off for a final feed-up before coming ashore to pup. We eagerly await the arrival of pup number one.

Bull on the beach

Donna Nook had their first pup today, three days later than last year. If we follow the same pattern, ours will be born in exactly one week. Which is also the day we close down the Lifeboat House visitor centre and toilet block for the winter.

A few seals have ventured up into the dunes prospecting, but none have been present in the daytime.
Seal tracks into the dunes

Soon this area will be full of seals...

There have been other delights in the dunes to admire. Such as this Dune Waxcap near the boardwalk:

 ...and these bright pink Spindle fruits:

A number of raptors have  been seen on the Point this week: Peregrines, Marsh Harriers (including one with green wing tags), Kestrels, Sparrowhawk and Merlin. But the highlight was a Rough-legged Buzzard this morning, flying over the dunes. We have also had a Black Redstart hanging around the Lifeboat House all week. On Thursday, a juvenile Whooper Swan was reported and the first two Snow Buntings of the autumn/winter were seen. Other migrant birds of note include a few Goldcrests, two Greenfinches and over 3,000 Starlings yesterday.
 Starlings flying over the dunes

We leave you with news that the Lifeboat House will feature in the Norfolk episode of 'Homes by the Sea' on More4 at 9:00pm on Thursday. Tune in to learn more about the history and interior of this unique building.


Photos by Sarah

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