Friday, 16 May 2014

Morston Bridges Update

Bridge 2 piling is now in place and time has been taken to provide the support frame to all these to be driven into place accurately and to help align the structure which sits on it. 

The test pile for the northern bridge 4 has enabled us to reduce pile lengths slightly in some areas and these piles will be delivered in  two weeks time.

Dunnella will commence installing the timber frame which supports the bridge deck next week for bridge 2 and they are on programme to complete this bridge inline with the removal of the temporary scaffold bridge and as our original construction programme. The temporary bridge will only be removed once bridge 2 is open.

Bridge 2 piles in position

Bridge 4 flotation tanks delivery to the site is being co ordinated with local help and is envisaged to be in position during the last week of May. The pontoons enable a safe working area and access on/off the site. Following their delivery they will commence constructing a similar temporary crossing for the excavator to drive the piles.

Piling for bridge 4 is due to be completed during the second week of June followed by the construction of the deck structure as with bridge 2.

We are still on track with our intended programme for bridge 4 construction.

Following completion on the final bridge we will have a two week period to demobilise the site, remove temporary crossings and remove existing structures and materials.

The recent good weather has aided installing the main piling for bridge 2 and we are extremely pleased with the Dunnella's attitude to making the bridges good for the future.

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