Friday, 31 January 2014

Morston Bridge update

Since my update on Tuesday, a couple of things have happened in relation to the Morston bridges...

Yesterday we had confirmation that the bridges are not and can not be insured and hence this is also the situation for the temporary structure. This leaves us with many worries over funding. Building two large bridges in such a dynamic environment is costly and National Trust finances were already stretched before the loss of the bridge on the 5th of December. We will be formally writing to seek donations to the bridge project, which needs to include a temporary structure being in place by the 1st of April.

We have received the methodology from the contractor we intend to use. Following on from this we are arranging a meeting with members of the bridge stakeholder steering group, people with a commercial interest or representatives of user-groups that have an interest in the access or working area associated with the replacement of the two large bridges.

The meeting will consider methods that will be used to replace the bridges, the sequence of the works, access needed to the work areas, impact to moorings and other users, timescales and temporary bridge structure.

We will be sending invites out on Monday, but in the meantime if you think this is you please do contact us.

- Victoria Egan, Countryside Manager

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