Thursday, 5 December 2013

Tidal storm surge expected

Severe tidal surges are predicted along many parts of the east coast during the evening of December 5, with the North Norfolk coast predicted to experience some of the highest tides.

Some buildings at Blakeney, Brancaster and Horsey are at risk of flooding and we will be working closely with a number of individuals and organisations including Parish councils and boat operators as we prepare for the tides and in surveying the impact on land, the coastline and affected buildings afterwards.

All visitors were advised to vacate car parks along the coasts at Blakeney, Morston and at Brancaster by 3pm today.

If visitors to the Norfolk Coast come across any seals or pups in the aftermath of the tidal surge, please, do not attempt to move them or encourage them to return to the sea. The pups are safer on land until they shed their distinctive white fur.
The seals are wild animals and it is highly likely that any pups separated from the colony will be found by their mothers.

Our coastal rangers are experienced in monitoring the seal colony and will be surveying the situation once the tides have receded.

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