Friday, 29 March 2013

29th of March: Start of Season

Hello and welcome to an albeit cold start to a new season on Blakeney Point.

I'll start by first introducing a bit about myself, my name is Matt Twydell and I am the new Seasonal Ranger based on Blakeney Point. I’ve worked as a Ranger and Volunteer in Devon at Dawlish Warren NNR and my homeland of Colchester in Essex over the last few years. One of my interests is photography and I hope to photograph the amazing scenes and wildlife which we encounter on the Point over the season, and hopefully you will be able to see some of these on the blog.

Obviously I am not the only one present on the Point over the season; I will join Ajay Tegala who is returning for his second season, and Paul Nichols who will be returning for his 7th consecutive season! As well as various volunteers who want to experience the amazing place that is Blakeney Point.

As you may know, the Lifeboat House where we stay for the duration of the season, is being refurbished at present and so we won't be moving over there for another week but we have been to the Point to start putting up the fencing in time for the breeding season.
The fencing is put up to protect ground nesting birds - like Sandwich and Little Terns and Ringed Plovers - from disturbance. Sandwich Terns are particularly vulnerable prior to nesting and will desert the site if disturbed too much, therefore it is very important that disturbance is kept to an absolute minimum.

Putting up the fence around Far Point

We are now competing to see who can see our first Sandwich Tern on the Point! The first one last year being seen on the 19th of March, they seem to be later this year possible in part due to the cold weather.

I eagerly await my first season on the Point and all that it brings with it!

Matt Twydell

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