Thursday, 28 June 2012

28th of June: Chick and Nest News

The first two Arctic Tern chicks are looking healthy and fluffy.
Photo: Joe Cockram

There have also been a number of Black-headed Gulls out and about.
Photo: Joe Cockram

A number of Curlews have been passing though, plus a few Lapwings.
Curlews (Joe Cockram)

Many Meadow Pipit chicks have been seen to date, and two Skylark chicks were seen today. This photograph shows an adult Meadow Pipit on a post with a juvenile on the right.
Photo: Joe Cockram

Following on from our previous posts about the Gadwall/ Grey Patridge nest, the depressing conclusion was that the partridge chicks failed to successfully hatch. Despite starting to hatch, with the lack of devoted parents, they were fighting against the odds. Insufficient incubation and cold rain sadly prevented the eggs from hatching, bringing a natural conclusion to our wildlife drama.
Photo: Edward Stubbings

- Ajay

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