Sunday, 13 May 2012

13th of May: Deer on the Point

Today, while conducting a breeding bird survey (BBS), a Muntjac deer was seen on Middle Point. The wardens got to within 5 metres before it noticed and ran away. The gulls and terns were not comfortable with it being so close to their nests, and they 'mobbed' it on the beach. Although deer mostly feed on vegetation, they occasionally eat eggs and young birds.

In addition to Muntjac, two other deer species have been recorded on the point. Red Deer (mentioned in our first post) and also Roe Deer have been seen. Although Chinese Water Deer are often seen nearby on the mainland at Cley and Blakeney, there are no records of them actually on the point.

In other news, we have 17 pints of milk and 16 bananas - any recipes welcomed!

- Ajay

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