Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Weird snake-like creature spotted at Blakeney Point

We were recently approached by BBC Wildlife magazine to help identify a weird snake-like creature that was spotted on Blakeney National Nature Reserve (NNR) which includes Blakeney Point.

This intrigued us, what could it be? There are no snake records for Blakeney NNR so could this be the long awaited sighting?

The photo didn't show a snake but a long, thin, armoured greater pipefish so you can see why you could think it was one! We provided 200 or so words about the fish and it is currently on the shelf in the Q&A section of the September issue.

Have you seen a pipefish on the Norfolk Coast? We too would love to know if you have seen a snake in the Blakeney area, north of the coast road.

My top tip would be to keep your eyes peeled, there's always something new and unusual to discover with nature!

Victoria, Countryside Manager

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